Glasses on deck 😬

24 hr fitness closed on a chest day #fuck #aintaboutthatlife #armageddon #bullshit

Made a new tumblr, b/c i had too many creepy followers on this one. Im following my top 9 reblogged blogs so if i followed u plz folow me back

Wisdom teeth taken out T.T i just want to crawl on the floor and pretend im a worm T.T

Some random person called me and said “just die,” I kno I’m mean but that’s harsh xD

Relient K, All-American Rejects, Yellowcard, I like to kick it old school on pandora



Chinese Tattoo Mistakes [via]

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Cheap shit

Anonymous asked:
What are some good brand foods that you would recommend?

idk about brands O.o just get some brown rice, sweet potato, and chicken, and ur set

Anonymous asked:
When's the best time to do HIITs? Are you suppose to feel like vomiting while/after doing it in the morning on empty stomach?

not in the morning, u need to atleast have some calories and carbs 



"f-friend hello do not be mad"

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Anonymous asked:
hey if two people were the same weight right, and one did more pushups than the other , does that mean that he could bench heavier?

nope, amount of weight pressed and number of times pressed r 2 different types of strengths, 3 major muscle types- Stability, Endurance, and Strength. Though when it comes down to it, guys who only do pushups tend to be a lot smaller and weaker than guys who bench



Souverein (tumblr / facebook)  - “Free work done by the photographer Rene Mesman. They are a series of bird portraits done together with a hairstylist and an art-director. It was also shown in Volkskrant Magazine. Retouching and integration was done by Souverein.”

Owl / Crow / Falcon


Do you think that when a woman becomes a mom, a fairy or some shit, comes down and imparts this random wisdom on her?

Like, this is something that only a mom would know and teach you



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